No rest for the weary...

Hi Everyone, 
It's been a crazy few months of developing and finalizing projects, new commissions and whenever possible, experimenting with my own personal design collection.  In the last months, LMNOQ also participated in INVENTORYa major design exhibition showcasing the fresh new work of local South Florida designers and architects.  I'm also proud to say that the studio and I were featured in The Miami Herald and in the New York Times.  So, please take a few minutes to look over what's been happening behind the scenes at studio LMNOQ...

First up a room divider made from reclaimed vintage beer cans.  This was developed for Jorge Garcia the owner of Zona Verde a local restaurant / art gallery space.  The piece consists of just over 500 vintage beer cans of different brands and varieties.  Sometimes drinking on the job has it's advantages.

Next, one of my most favorite commissions this year, a new work desk for my friend Yovani Bauta.  He needed something deeper then average yet compact enough to be able to work around it in his studio space.  This piece has now become a cornerstone design piece for my studio and it's been customized in several different sizes depending on the clients needs.

I also developed some wonderfully simple wooden light boxes for my friend Russ Ronat's exhibition at the Bakehouse Art Complex.

Now, the most challenging build this year was designing and constructing the exhibition piece for my new friend Alba Fernanda Triana.  She's an amazing experimental composer from Columbia and what she required was a new housing for her existing interactive computer piece. 

I'm also proud to say that her work received an Honorable Mention from the Fifth annual All-media Juried Biennial.  

So let me know what you think.  I will be posting more of the work that my studio LMNOQ produced in the last few months as well as the current developments in my own design collection.  Thank you, and stay tuned for more.