Concrete Dreams...

  One of the things I try to do at lest once a week is get out of the studio and drive around the city and look for inspiration for new designs from wherever I can find it.  Well, just the other day I came across an amazing collection of vintage patterned cement blocks at an old cement manufacturer.  Here in South Florida, its very common to find these decorative blocks installed in all kinds of architecture from residential homes to commercial warehouses.  And It has always been a dream of mine to produce a small book of all of the designs I come across that I love.  So, what a surprise to come across all these amazing shapes and forms in one spot and still available for purchase. Wow!

Just look at some of those forms

I'm loving the one on the left... alot


  1. great shapes! i really like your ability to find these great things just by driving around miami!

  2. There's inspiration everywhere in this town. And you should know since you're a big source of many.

  3. I really love this graveyard of cement...quite enchanting...:)