New space, new beginning...

Artwork and solid walnut & aluminum 111 Bench by Steven Burzynski. Blok doorstop by me (Laz) 

  I'm very fortunate to have found an amazing space in an up and coming area in sunny, sometimes rainy but always humid South Florida, to house my design, work-make studio, LMNOQ.  The following pics show off the space at its cleanest and most inviting. A very rare event these days.  But once and a while I do clean it up and convert studio LMNOQ into a gallery space to showcase my friends latest artwork along side some of my own new designs.  

Artwork by Babette Herschberger

Curio Cabinet/Floor lamp by me (Laz)

Artwork by Babette Herschberger hanging behind my Curio Cabinet/Floor Lamp

Nowadays, the studio is overcrowded with half realized experiments and client projects.

Same space different aesthetic 


  1. Hey Laz,

    I was just turned on to your blog by a friend who knows that I love well designed furniture, she told me that you have a great eye, amazing design skills and that you build all of your own pieces. I'm looking forward to following your work. What is the brown patterned piece in the image above?

  2. Hey Laz this us great! Your space look amazing! Can not wait to see more!

  3. Great Space and Can't wait to come by and see all the new and exciting desings. I know you make some incredible things!

  4. It is gorgeous!! however..there is a sense of permanency about it...ant laura

  5. An incrediable new talent! You are going places I love your way of thinking! Your designs are so innovative smart and easy to live with. Great space and studio. Do you selll your work? I cant wait to see more ... MR O