Making "NO Time" for clients...

"NO Time" wall clock @ studio LMNOQ 

  Last month I was commissioned to design a wall clock for a local South Florida graphic design office.  The only criteria was that the design had to be simple so it would work well with their white minimalist interior and still function as a clock with a numerical time face.  Well, what do you think?  After several dozen pencil sketches, (call me old school, but I still love sketching with a good pencil), I worked out a solution to represent the telling of time in a graphically simple yet slightly abstracted manner.  I kept as much of the numerals off the face of the clock, isolating them around the edge to emphasis the center area and graphically build tension along the outer edge.  This gives the clock a greater sense of scale.  The clock visually feels larger then its 18"x 18" dimensions.  Well the client loved the piece and it's currently hanging telling time, in the main space of their offices.  I'm currently working on a version of the design where the numerals continue to wrap around to the sides of the clock. I'll update you with pics when its completed and available to purchase.

"NO Time" wall clock hanging with the POX coat rack and wall hooks 


  1. wow laz really cool stuff your idea of the "no" time wall clock is fun yet has a modern attitude. ...well done HH

  2. Laz nice piece of work luv it...Amrikha