Look into my eyes... my EYES

Close up cuts of "The Face of Time" by Aurora Molina 

   One of the many reasons I started studio LMNOQ was not only to realize my own ideas by experimenting and making prototypes but to open a place where I can help local artists and designers achieve their own concepts. Well it's been a fun week of collaboration and exploration with some very talented friends. And the first one I would love to tell you about is the super talented Aurora Molina and her cool project.

Finishing the clock on the scroll saw

   I've been working with Aurora Molina on producing her soon to open exhibition in Miami when she mentioned that she's been looking for a new time piece for the wall of her studio.  I asked, why not design your own clock. Design it in your own style; an interpretation based upon your current new work.  She loved the idea.  So, I pulled out some 1/4" maple ply and she pulled out a pencil and we went at it.  And after some hours of her sketching and me cutting... "he" was born, "The Face of Time".  I think our result is amazing, fun and totally Aurora. 

Finished piece awaiting paint and a better wall to hang on 

   Notice some of the details.  Each eye is a separate measurement of time; hour and minutes.  Also, every line on his face and hands is cut out so when the piece is painted, the surface lines will still stand out, adding depth and a little texture.  Aurora was totally exited about the piece and so was I.  So, what do you think? 

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