Lets play house, MR.O

   I know... I know it's been a long while since I last posted about the going's on at my studio LMNOQ.  All I can say is that it has been an extremely busy and productive few months.  Each day has been a never ending rollercoaster of creative energy, from creating one of a kind furniture, to building adult sized playhouses, to developing my own products for a upcoming design show in the new year.  So, I finally found a moment to sit down and share with you some of the past work thats kept me up cutting and cursing to the wee hours of the night .  Thank you for your patience... and a wayyyy we go!

  Let me introduce you to my very super cool, A#1 friend Rita Motta.  She's one half of the creative duel that makes up studio MR.O.  Well, she asked me to help her recreate one of her famous "Casita" miniature models into a true to scale environmental structure to showcase and house her new line of cabinetry for an Art Basel exhibition MR.O was hosting. 

Rita taking care of a small detail in her "Casita" design.

Original paper model of her "Casita" with finished half panels in the background.

Panels after being cut, sanded and attached to their other half.  Next step assembling. 

   At this point, we are five days into the build with very little sleep and with three more days ahead of us assembling and painting.  So what do we do to help keep the sleep monkeys from stealing our energy? We dance...

   Well, she did most of the dancing, I just kicked back and laughed my head off. Slowly the "Casita" starts to take form and we both are loving what we are seeing.

All four walls are up and awaiting roof panels.
Roof panels are in place and its really starting to feel special. 

And after two coats of low VOC white paint... It's move in ready.

As you can see by the clock on the wall it was 4:00 in the morning when we finished  applying the last coat of paint. 

The finished "Casita" revealed at the MR.O Art Basel exhibition. 

    And, thats all folks... Art Basel was a success, MR. O's exhibition was well received and attended and I finally allowed the sleep monkeys to drag me into bed to catch up on some well deserved sleep; 17 hours straight of it.  And the "Casita" now awaits dismantling to be exhibited in an up and coming design show called "INVENTORY" to be held in Miami.  My studio LMNOQ will be participating in the show as well.  What fun we had.

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  1. Chi eres esta nina? Whooos thaaaat giiiiirl?

    I love this project veeeeery much!