"POX" you...

POX suspended coat rack on display @ LMNOQ

   My new studio is located next to Coverings, an internationally recognized materials showroom.  And just recently they received the famous Red Dot award for an amazing new eco-friendly material they developed from recycled glass, "bioGlass".  So, to commemorate the occasion I created POX, a suspended coat rack based upon my initial wall hook design that I developed earlier in the year.  I decided to convert the front entrance of my studio into a large picture window display and suspended the POX coat rack from a 2"x 4" held up by some makeshift walls of 4'x 8' panels.  I also incorporated 4 suspended strands of lights to help illuminate the design and help it shine into the night.  Well, the design was such a hugh success with passersby that I took several orders for it that night. Needless to say, it's now part of my growing product line.

Each POX suspended coat rack comes with enough coated steel cabling to hang from any standard 8' ceiling and will be available in limited editions of 5 different colors. Price: $495.
I would love to know what you think.

Night time drops fast on the Red Dot, POX window display 

POX now hangs in the studio next to a few of my other new designs


Concrete Dreams...

  One of the things I try to do at lest once a week is get out of the studio and drive around the city and look for inspiration for new designs from wherever I can find it.  Well, just the other day I came across an amazing collection of vintage patterned cement blocks at an old cement manufacturer.  Here in South Florida, its very common to find these decorative blocks installed in all kinds of architecture from residential homes to commercial warehouses.  And It has always been a dream of mine to produce a small book of all of the designs I come across that I love.  So, what a surprise to come across all these amazing shapes and forms in one spot and still available for purchase. Wow!

Just look at some of those forms

I'm loving the one on the left... alot

New space, new beginning...

Artwork and solid walnut & aluminum 111 Bench by Steven Burzynski. Blok doorstop by me (Laz) 

  I'm very fortunate to have found an amazing space in an up and coming area in sunny, sometimes rainy but always humid South Florida, to house my design, work-make studio, LMNOQ.  The following pics show off the space at its cleanest and most inviting. A very rare event these days.  But once and a while I do clean it up and convert studio LMNOQ into a gallery space to showcase my friends latest artwork along side some of my own new designs.  

Artwork by Babette Herschberger

Curio Cabinet/Floor lamp by me (Laz)

Artwork by Babette Herschberger hanging behind my Curio Cabinet/Floor Lamp

Nowadays, the studio is overcrowded with half realized experiments and client projects.

Same space different aesthetic